Thursday, March 1, 2012



The Russians know very well that the USA has set its goal to destroy Russian power and commercial competition in the world.

But, Russia will prevail in the world of power. 

I cannot tell you how, but Ezekiel 38 in the Bible makes it very clear that Gog and Magog, the biblical name for Russia in the End Times, is very busy in to the end, and the USA is nowhere in biblical prophecy.

So, why would the USA enter Russia and try to stop Vladimir Putin from rising back into the seat of power?

Perhaps Obama and his handlers do indeed read the Bible, and they see that Russia will prevail. Thus, any destabilizing (old Henry Kissinger new-speak for destroying order) of Russia will serve to stave off the day of reckoning. That is, reckoning with the God of the Bible.

Who is the most fierce enemy in the USA against Russia?

Answer: Zbigniew Brzezinski. ......>

<.....Second place goes to Henry Kissinger.

Here is a plain strategy given by ZB just after Obama made him his National Security Adviser. I must note that ZB immediately dropped from view. I also note that ZB has NEVER in his life stopped pulling the puppeteer's strings with American leaders.

ZBig making sense:

ZBig the killer:

ZBig is openly suggesting that the USA use regular "False Flag" events, like 9/11, to nurture total submission of the world's nations to impose absolute hegemony of the world.

What is it about the USA that is so revolting to many nations of the world?

Answer:  Our leaders in government and commerce believe absolutely that America is a Messianic nation that is ordained of God to rule the world forever. It is a sort of nationalistic Calvinism-- a warped predestination.

God is now moving to destroy the grip of the USA and Europe on the world. The USA will NOT rule the world much longer. A Bible believer will prepare to life in a USA that is, at best, a high end banana republic. To wave the flag and scream for the blood of other people and nations of the world is to slap the face of Jesus Christ who fully intends to rule the world soon.

Now, who will win THAT contest-- you or Jesus Christ.